The Neo-Cons

Both parties in the U.S. contain members who are not liberal and not conservative. They are neo-cons. Neo-con is the short term for followers of Neo-conservatism. Neo-conservatives favor nation building and are not real conservatives because real conservatives are fiscally responsible. The neo-cons claim to be fiscally conservative by opposing bills that help the poor or disabled, but then gladly support trillions in spending if it is for bombing some nation. This neo-con movement, according to its own members see President Woodrow Wilson as their founder.

Woodrow Wilson (28th pres., Democrat) was a white supremacist who refused to appoint African-Americans to significant positions in his administration and openly supported segregation. He wanted the U.S. to take the lead in nation building. He also created the Federal Reserve and the Federal income tax. Wilson also opposed the right of women to vote and only gave in after an insurmountable campaign by suffragists from around the nation. It is this type of arrogance that he carried over to foreign policy and the concept of policing the world. With new revenue sources and money no longer being backed by anything tangible (gold standard gone), Wilson allowed the U.S. to carry on missions with no regard for fiscal responsibility and where cultural arrogance could reign supreme. Wilson never served in the military. He was the worst president ever in the history of U.S.

George W. Bush (43rd pres., Republican) went to war against Iraq, claiming that they had weapons of mass destruction. When that proved false, the claim was made that Iraq had ties to al qaeda. When that proved false, the claim was made that Iraq would be a model for democracy in the Middle East. This too has proven false. On at least three occasions, pres. Bush called the war “a crusade.” He is the second worst president, ever.

Dick Cheney (46th vice-pres., Republican) was a staunch advocate of the war in Iraq and is widely believed to be the one who convinced and insisted that his president, George W. Bush should bomb Iraq, even though it would be a unilateral attack, without the U.S. ever being attacked or threatened by Iraq.

Dick supported the Vietnam War, but refused to serve himself, even though he was drafted five times. He used the college deferment to dodge the draft five times. His poor grades in college kept him in college, while other young men were sent off to this war.

Incredibly Dick served as Secretary of Defense despite his absent military service. When questioned by Congress as to why he didn’t serve, his response was, “I had other priorities in the ’60s than military service.”

As a congressman, Dick voted against making Martin Luther King’s birthday a national holiday and he also voted against a measure calling for the release of Nelson Mandela.

He is the chief “Chicken Hawk” (people who advocate war but don’t want to serve in them) and the worst vice-president in U.S. history.